Uh. This may or may not be why I haven’t posted. My bad, y’all! But but but. In my #GoddessVoxBox, I was sent a Sinful Colors polish for review so that’s what I’m going to share today!

Cheshire China is from the new Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Satin Collection and I was pretty excited about it. I don’t go for matte or satin finish because textures and I aren’t getting along BUT, I wanted to at least give it a try.

In all honesty, I don’t like it. The color is absolutely beautiful, but nothing else about it will make me want to reach for it again. It’s a shame. It’s marketed as a satin finish, so I knew not to top coat it. I tried not to. I did my usual Yellow Stopper base and then did one thin coat about 15 minutes later. After about 30 minutes, it still seemed kinda… squish? I waited another 15 before adding a second coat. It was nearly opaque in one, so I probably could have left it alone. Either way, it never. ever. ever. ever. dried. It’s a good thing I work on a computer and don’t have to fuss with my hands a ton because I waited two hours before the “oh f*** it” moment happened, and Seche Vite quickly topped my nails. I just couldn’t. But you know what sucks? It was so uneven that I had ripples from when I took the top coat. It just. No. Nonononononono.

Oh yeah. And cleaning up? THE WORST. It was such a creamy formula that it just kinda dissolved under my acetone and the edges were all murky and gross. I’m actually pretty embarrassed to show these photos. I tried numerous cleanup brushes to no avail.


CheshireChina (1) CheshireChina (2) CheshireChina (3)


I’m sad. I really, really wanted to like this polish. The color was just so gorgeous, but that alone didn’t make up for everything else wrong with it. I hope the other colors in the line aren’t as bad. I’m tempted to snag a few just to try.

But, I am done. I’m going to get some sleep. We’ve done a ton of Pokehunting over the last few days and I’m absolutely beat. I hope y’all have a wonderful evening and an awesome tomorrow!

Velasha out!



****I received this nail polish complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own and any clickable links in my post are non-affiliate. I do not make any money from these posts.****

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