I’ve had the last three days off. I told myself I’d get so much done. So many swatches. Posts. SLEEP. Did any of that happen? EFF NO. I’ve slept maybe a total of 10 hours over the last three days. Send help. Because of this, though, my Independence Day manis were a little delayed in making it onto the blog. I am super sorry, loves! At least these two styles can be used with many many different color combinations, so it’s not like they’re strictly patriotic. :D

Patriotic Smoosh – this one was really really easy, and not too bad to clean up! I’ve been using a liquid latex barrier¬†made by From the Hands of An Angel¬†and it’s badass. I use two thin coats and it peels off easily. SO GOOD. I went ahead and latex’d up my fingers and then grabbed my squishy stamper from Color 4 Nails and dropped two blobs of each color on there. For this one, I used Sesir Kipi from Celestial Cosmetics, Holo-maniacs Group Custom #3 from Great Lakes Lacquer, and Whiteout from Rica. I opted to not use a white basecoat because I wanted to see how it turned out. Nooooooooot bad! I still used my normal Yellow Stopper as my official base, though. Once I had my stamper loaded up, I started muuuuushin’ that polish all around. I let it dry a little and then topped it with Seche Vite. I really like how they swirled together! Delightfully chaotic.

Fourth of July (2) Fourth of July (3) Fourth of July (4)


Firework-esque Spirals – also super easy! I actually switched to this one because I chipped the previous one and I had no idea what to do for a quick mani. Can I just say how proud I am for my stencil usage? Sure, the design smeared a smidge, but nothing too bad! I set up the base of my nails with Yellow Stopper and then a thin coat of Whiteout (as mentioned above). I let those dry for a good while and then placed the Swirl vinyls that I bought from Vinyl Boutique. I did them as I went with each nail to make sure the adhesive didn’t pull up the polish. I alternated colors because I’m not creative and didn’t have time to try and sponge them on in a gradient. I tried, y’all. The blue, that gorgeous, holo blue is Chameleon Circuit from Baroness X, and that sexy red is Realm of Erotica by SuperChic Lacquer. Let that dry, too, and then topped it off with my top coat and BAM. FIREWORKS Y’ALL. Cute, huh?

Fourth of July (7) Fourth of July (6)Fourth of July (10)


I plan on trying these styles again with different colors just because I love how they turned out SO much.

What did y’all do for the 4th? We grilled out in the rain and then fell asleep super early watching Orange is the New Black. Yup. Lame folks. It was nice, though!


I hope to be back with quite a few more posts over the next few days, so long as I can get through tomorrow’s double shift. Send coffee, please.


Velasha out!

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