Hey folks! Hope you’re having an awesome holiday weekend! It’s currently pouring here and there’s yet another leak in the house. Lord help us. I may or may not snap on someone. Bah. It’s okay. Work tonight and then tomorrow morning and then off for two days and I’ve got the stuff to make an awesome sangria for the 4th and we’re gonna grill out rain or shine. I am beyond excited. This is the first holiday that Mark and I will be spending physically together. It’s lame, but I love stuff like this.

So, this duo is still available, and I’m not entirely sure how it’s not sold out yet. I believe there’s 4 left. That needs to change. I bought the holiday duo because pretty little pibbles need lovin’ too. $12 of each sale will be donated to Pit Bull Rescue Oklahoma and Fresno Bully Rescue. EEEEE.

And I was kinda wrong. It’s sold out in Polish ‘M‘s shop, but is still available here from Cameo Colours.

Let’s get to the polish, yeah? YEAH!

“PatriPAWtic is full of red, silver, and blue holo micro glitter, and silver flakies.” I’m super excited about this one, you guys. It’s hololicious and glittery and NOT textured! It was fully opaque in two coats and was so shiny that my camera freaked out. It reminds me of fireworks in the night sky and I love it so incredibly much.

PatriPAWtic (1) PatriPAWtic (3) PatriPAWtic (4)


“Polish ‘M – High Flying Tail Wag is a bright cobalt blue base with teal shimmer, teal holo micro glitter and silver flakies.” Y’all. We’ve found a blue that doesn’t make me look tan. I’m excited. It’s so pretty and I just love the flakies in it. They give it so much depth… I just want to go swimming in it. That, and the name is adorable. Hell, both of them are! Bah, my photos all look blurry. I think it’s time to invest in a tripod and some better glasses so I can see this beforehand.

high flying tail wag (2) high flying tail wag (1)high flying tail wag (3)


Seriously though. This duo is so perfect for July and the cause behind it is wonderful. Pibbles hold a special place in my heart. Can’t wait to get a house so I can adopt one from a rescue. SOON™.


And with that, I’m off to work! I hope you guys have a fun and safe 4th!


Velasha out!


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