It’s a party, y’all! Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer is celebrating their 3rd anniversary, so what did Julie make? a STUNNING teal shimmer that’ll be available soon!

When the USPS ate the last swatching package, Julie sent a few extras to have me review and this was one of them. It’s friggen pretty, you guys! The formula is spot on and the color is just so happy. I want cupcakes inspired by this polish. Seriously.

Anywho. Three Years and S-Teal Going. Such a cute name! The polish was a little on the thicker side, but I had no issues with application (which is awesome because I needed three coats because VNL – my issue with how dark mine is, not the polish). The shimmer in it is a lovely pink and a bit tricky to capture in photos, but it’s there!

Three Years and S-Teal Going (1)


Also, how the eff did I scuff the bottle cap?!

Three Years and S-Teal Going (5)


The color kind of reminds me of a swimming pool in the summer. OH I NEED TO PUT THIS ON MY TOES. YES GOOD.


Three Years and S-Teal Going (6)


Oh. Oh. There’s the shimmer.


Three Years and S-Teal Going (2)


Yep. This is going on the little toe beans next. Y’all need this. Seriously!

The release date is TBD, but it’ll be coming out sometime in the next month, so keep an eye on her shop and instagram! She’s also got a fan group on facebook with shenanigans and such. Come join us!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful night! I’m going to resume playing WoW and watching Shark Week shows. Be sweet!


Velasha out!


***this polish was sent to me in exchange for an honest review***

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