I would be 100% lying if I said I didn’t buy this polish just because of the name. Y’all know I play WoW. (I had to include the photo of my pretty pally because I love her gear so much – red and purple? /swoon.) This video is just too damn good. Here I am, 10 years later, laughing my ass off.


I’m currently participating in the 4th of July #bitchesloveindiesswap and my girl had a Glam Polish pretty on her wishlist, so I had to snag it, along with one for myself. I was super stoked when I realized that Rachel had a stockist here in the US. AW YISS. (I’ve placed another order since. OOPS.) This is my first Glam, and I’m in love. Honestly, I waited so long because I didn’t want to wait for international shipping because I’m impatient. Mistakes were made. I see the error of my ways now.

The Internet Is For Pourn is stunning. It’s (in my eyes) a gorgeous cherry tomato red holo with a blue flash. It goes on in two thin coats and looks absolutely beautiful in all lighting. It’s sexy.

Time for photos, yes? YES.

the internet is for pourn (1) the internet is for pourn (1)


The glitter definitely spazzed out my phone, but I love that with the slight blur, you can see the blue-ish flash that it gives off with the holo.


the internet is for pourn (2)


This one was slightly textured, so I used an extra coat of top coat and it was fine.

the internet is for pourn (3)


Ugh, pretty, huh? It’s still available, and they’re having an End of the Fiscal Year sale! Check it out here. There’s tons of gorgeous polishes on sale. I may have to pick up a few more!


And now, because I can’t resist sharing, LOOK AT MY MAGE’S PURDY PURPLE GEAR! I need someone to make me a collection based on this transmog because I need it in my life.



…kay, I’m going back to LFR now. I hope you folks are having a great weekend!


Velasha out!

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