Evening, loves! Well, by the time you’ll read this, it’ll be afternoon. BUT. Time is irrelevant in the blogisphere. Just sayin’. I’m currently in queued up in LFR in WoW and sipping some sweet pink moscato while Mark plays the Legion Beta behind me. My move up here has been made official. Things are coming together. Life is good, y’all.

So, I found MTK Design through a group on Facebook and I’m beyond glad. Mary, the owner, has been nothing short of amazing. She’s sweet, hilarious, and beyond supportive. She had nothing but kind words each step of the way.

Since they very clearly hate me, the USPS decided they didn’t me to have the package initially, so they sent it back to MTK headquarters. She quickly got it back to me. I was so proud, y’all. I had photos done quickly. Well. I apparently missed part of what she’d written in the letter she included. One of the polishes she sent was a solar-reactive one. HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL. I’ve never had one before, so I was super excited. (Mary said that she thought I’d get super excited seeing it change. Spoiler alert: she was right. I flailed.) The universe had other plans, though. As soon as they came in the mail, the sunny weather disappeared. Like. What even is?

I’d apologized over and over because I felt like I was slacking. You know what her response was?

“No worries. I just feel bad I sent you solar polish and then forgot to send sun, too.”

Most. Adorable. Response. Ever.


{photo heavy!}

Spiced Coffee; a gorgeous burnt orange shimmer polish that dries to a satin finish and has a light pumpkin spice scent. Ahh, this one reminds me of autumn so much. that, and a perfect cup of coffee. The scent wasn’t too overpowering and the shimmer in this is friggen out of the world. I felt classy as all get out and I couldn’t help but sniff my nails every few minutes (SUPERSTAR style). No. Shame. This one was a bit thicker, but not in a negative way. It was almost a one-coater and dried super quickly. I’m going to buy a full-sized bottle for fall. I can see this being a go-to.

Spiced Coffee (4)


Ugh, that shimmer!


Spiced Coffee (6)

I also tried a simple drag marble with Bella’roma because it reminded me of swirling coffee.

(keep reading for the photo that inspired this as well as the name!)


Spiced Coffee (7)


Bella’roma; a gorgeous creamy peachy nude that, when exposed to sunlight, turns to a beautiful blushed shade. This one is also satin, and stunning. It’s super SFW and the formula is lovely. I used three thin coats because my nail line is super visible and dark BUT most could get away with two coats for full opacity! I’ve worn this one three times and I fall more and move in love with it each time. I think it’s a gorgeous neutral for fair skin tones (but I’d love to see it on some darker-skinned beauties!) and it’s super feminine without being too dainty. I have no earthly idea if that made sense. It did in my head. I tried, y’all.

BellaRoma (1)


These were, of course, taken inside. Isn’t that color beautiful?

BellaRoma (2)


Ready for the gorgeousness that is the sun color!? ME TOO. Please forgive the brightness of these. The sun wrecks everything. Also, the bright pink skin? I GOT BURNED WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF BEING OUTSIDE. SEND HELP.

bellaroma transition (1)


My goodness, it’s pretty! The inspiration for this polish came from the Bella’Roma Rose:

bellaroma transition (4)


Mary is currently celebrating her two year anniversary of making polish via MTK Design, so she’s got a pretty awesome deal for everyone. Pick a duo and get it for 20% off using code DUOME2 – she’s encouraging everyone that purchases a duo to name theirs and share a photo of their manicure on their Facebook page! I know it’d make her day, y’all!  This special goes on through July, so be sure to grab your set!

I decided to name my duo Caffe Bella because the drag marble that I did reminded me of when you pour cream into your coffee and watch it swirl around. Last June, I took this photo after making some cold-brewed coffee. I still love how it turned out!



It also makes me think of this song by Delta Rae – if you skip to about 1:05, you’ll understand! This song gives me chills each time I hear it. So damn good.



In case you missed the links:

Sorry for such a wordy post, folks! Just so many things to share! <3 Thank you for taking the time to read it!

***the polishes above were sent in exchange for an honest review, which I have provided above.***

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