I don’t art. I can’t. I’m just not that good at it. Ever. I’ve done a total of 4 watermarbles over the last several years and they’ve all sucked. I think I had one nail turn out okay, but that was it. Let’s see if I can find that photo…



That was last summer. (Exactly one year ago today, actually!) The rest came out this… ugly… mashed… peacock-lookin’ mess. I haven’t done a real one since then, so I figured it was time to try again. I managed to snag the Mellowed Out Cremes from Pipe Dream Polish on the last restock of  them just because they’d been marketed as amazing for watermarbling. The colors aren’t my usual favorites, but together, they’re stunning.

I sat down, super determined to master the marble once and for all. Put on The Martian, grabbed my two new OttLites, and watched @mrswhite8907’s PDP watermarble video OVER. AND. OVER. It’s mesmerizing, really.

I used Rica Polish Whiteout as my base and it was AMAZINGLY opaque in one coat. HALLALULER. Also, shoutout to the boyfriend for suggesting that I use the bottom of a water bottle as my cup since we didn’t have anything else. He’s so darn clever. I can’t stand it.

Wanna see how it turned out? I’m really proud, y’all. My middle finger was my favorite, but I just love all of these colors together. I can’t wait to try more designs.


That little bubble bothers me, but whatever. Shit like that adds character, right? Right.


Also, holyshitIlovemyOttLitessohard. Everything looks so clear! WHY DIDN’T I BUY THESE YEARS AGO!?


Friggen A, y’all. Mark said he was proud of me for branching out and trying something other than just a basic mani. I’m so dang happy that he supports me. I’m super lucky.

Next time, PETALS.

Also, these are currently sold out and will not be restocked, but PDP plans on releasing some Tie-Dye Jellies that marble (soon!), so keep an eye out for those. I know I will be!

Happy Monday, folks!

Velasha out <3

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