I’m super excited, y’all! I’ve got one of the Monthly Mythical Mysteries from Baroness X to share! Amphitrite was April’s mystery polish, but I’m sharing super late because…

Here’s the gorgeous card that came in the box! I love Demi’s designs for everything!

Amphitrite info


Ready for photos? OF COURSE YOU ARE.


Amphitrite is a¬†beautiful periwinkle/cornflower blue with green, teal, and indigo flakies and green shimmer. It’s a crelly and delightfully sheer, though it only took three super thin coats for full opacity. The flakies were a bit difficult to show, but they’re there and oh so magical.

Amphitrite (2) Amphitrite (3) Amphitrite (4)




Amphitrite (5)


Isn’t it lovely? Demi has a way with bringing the most mystical and magical polishes to life. She creates a new one each month, so be sure to check¬†! There’s also extras that she includes in each box which runs for $15 plus shipping. Sweet deal!

We’ve also got a spoilers group on Facebook if you’d like to know what they are before yours arrives (or if you didn’t snag one!). You can find it here.


I’m about to get out of the house for a little. We’ve got a leak so it’s a good time to get some air on this lovely Sunday. I hope y’all have a wonderful day!


Velasha out!


***this polish was sent in exchange for an honest review!***

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