Wellllllllllllllllll, 14 days after it was supposed to arrive, the USPS finally released this polish from their grubby ass claws. I’ve been emailing back and forth with Julie from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer about the package going MIA just days before the launch of this trio. I was a sad panda, y’all. After living in Georgia for the last 9 years, I’ve seen the ATL USPS eat packages left and right, so I don’t know why I was so surprised when it happened. Julie was an absolute sweetie about it, though! She wound up sending a second one (which is going to the best fran because she’s a lover of all things yellow) along with some other beauties that will be up on the blog in the next few weeks! The best part? The day that she sent me confirmation for the second package, the original, which was supposed to be delivered on the 27th FINALLY showed up. Thanks, universe. We love you too.


BEGL started this Destination series about 9 months ago, and she features new brands each time. It’s neat! Usually she sticks to just a duo, but May’s box had two other makers to make it a pretty little trio based on Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain. Kristen, from Northern Star Polish, took the stunning photo a few years back. As I’ve mentioned before, I need to visit this fountain. It’s so serene. I’ll be in Chicago in September for Polish Con (any of y’all going!?) so I’m thinking of stopping by to check it out!



So! You fine folks ready to see the polish? Julie drew her inspiration from the original design of the fountain, which they wanted the lights to resemble the moon’s soft glow. She did such an incredible job, honestly. I’m not fond of yellow at all, but the flakies just. I fell in love almost instantly.

Moon Glow; “Sunny yolky yellow packed with rose, blue, and purple microflakies.” It’s such a happy color, and the formula was fantastic. I used three thicker coats to hide the nail line. The formula is on the thicker side, but it was not problematic at all. No gumminess, no stringiness. Just beauty in a bottle. If Julie winds up having leftover bottles, she may be selling it in her shop. I’d definitely recommend grabbing a bottle!

Moon Glow (1) Moon Glow (2) Moon Glow (4)


Isn’t it a happy shade? I swear, this polish makes me an absurd amount of happy when wearing it. I love it so.

If you’d like to see the other polishes from Darling Diva Polish and Northern Star Polish, be sure to check my last few posts! This set is wonderful!


The trio is available now for purchase in each of the maker’s shops at $30 shipped domestically or $30 with prorated shipping for our international polish addicts!


I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I’m about to go watch some more Glee and try my hand at watermarbling. Wish me luck!

Velasha out!


****Press sample! My opinion is my own, however!****

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  1. Gorgeous photos!! I’m so glad you love it :D I can’t believe how stupid USPS is. I mean, seriously?? D: Those jerks, lol!

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