If y’all love holo as much as I do, you need to join Holo-maniacs on Facebook. Seriously. Like. Yesterday. Megan from Mindfully Polished has managed to wrangle up all of the holo hussies of FB and stick them in one group together. It’s glorious. And dangerous for my bank account. I REGRET NOTHING. Since the group started a few months back, she’s been working with several indie makers to have some beautiful customs made for us. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.

May’s maker was Anonymous Lacquer  and Mildred friggen knocked it out of the park. This was my first purchase from AL and it certainly won’t be my last. She was tasked with creating a purple holo and oh my. I want to bathe in it. I seriously regret not buying backups.


All of my photos show two coats plus top coat. The holo kinda freaked my camera out, but you can still see how pretty the polish is!


Goodness, I love this color. It’s what I think of when someone tries to describe the color of grapes. It’s such a delicious shade!

Holo-Maniacs custom 2 (1)


The formula is WONDERFUL. Damn near opaque in one coat, but I use two because I like thinner coats. But seriously. No chipping (though, I don’t usually comment on that because it’s really all up to body chemistry BUT) and no issues with streaking or staining. This polish alone is enough to make me a fan of Anonymous Lacquer for life.

Holo-Maniacs custom 2 (2)


I want this buried with me when I die.


Holo-Maniacs custom 2 (6)


Ugh. Isn’t it purdy? It’s no longer available, but I definitely think y’all should check out their shop to snag some of their other polishes! I know I will be ASAP!

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any upcoming Holo-maniacs customs, don’t forget to join the group! June’s maker is Great Lakes Lacquer and I’m excited because Mariah is such a neat person and her polishes are wonderful.


Thanks for reading!

Velasha out <3

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  1. Just amazing!! You are so kind!! I’m soo happy you love this! Ill.be honest the inspiration pic freaked me out! So when you like it. I know I did my job!

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