Cutie-Cle Oils. Y’all. How cute is that name? I’ve been working with the oh so lovely Heather from Heather’s Hues for the last few weeks to review her cuticle oils. After almost 3 weeks, I’m in love. I’d wanted to use them for a while before saying one thing or another. I’m glad I did. I’ve seen such a huge improvement in my nails, it’s wonderful.



In her shop, she’s got the option for either roller-ball applicators, or pens, as I’ve got in my photo above. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the pen version. It’s not messy, you can twist up how much you want, and you’ve got a neato little brush to spread the oil around so you don’t have to get your fingertips all oiled up. (though, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that freaks about that stuff sooooooooo)

Aside from the fantastic scents, my favorite part about these is that the oils actually soak in quickly AND there’s no glossy finish. So you can oil up them cuticles after a swatch fest and go right on to photos without a glare. I’m super glad that indies are finding a way to make this happen because it’s seriously one of the greatest things EVER. It seriously took maybe 60 seconds for the shine to go away after rubbing it all in. Perfection.

I tried taking photos throughout my testing period, but because I’m oh so dainty, you can’t really see a difference in the length because I managed to break 6 out of 10 nails while doing household chores. Ugh. You can, however, see the difference in how my nails look, I think. Sure, I still have issues with the nail bed and lifting problems from other health issues (those can’t be fixed, so I just deal), but my skin and nails actually feel better. My cuticles don’t ache from being so dry. Acetone doesn’t wreck my skin as much. NO HANGNAILS HALLALULER. My nails don’t bend as easily, and are more opaque than before. Out of all the oils I’ve tried (seriously, I have at least 8 different ones on my desk in front of me. I have a problem), this is my favorite, hands down.

This photo was just before I started using the Cutie-Cle oils. The edges of my nails look rough and my cuticles are so dry that they’re shining something fierce.



After one week! lolfuzzyfingers. Aside from some staining underneath, I can already see a difference, especially in my index finger. Because I work on computers all day, the nails on my pointer fingers break on the corner nearly daily, which is why they kinda have a different shape. They have NOT been damaged so far. I also had to shorten them a little at this point. My ring finger was looking a little funky, so I took off some of the length to get them under control.



Later that night, I had a little come to Jesus meetin’ with my cuticles just to clean them up a little. It was nice to sit and relax while watching Game of Thrones. Also, those Pretty & Polished Mani Melts are phenomenal!



And here we are, present day! Maybe it’s just me, but oh man. I’m so much happier with how my nails look. They don’t look like they’ve taken such a huge beating from swatching.



The scents that Heather chose to me were Strawberry Shortcake, Crazy for Coconut and a sample of Caramel Apple (holy shit, this one is my favorite. I need a full size. STAT.) The strawberry was perfect. As soon as my boyfriend smelled it, he perked up and said he liked it (he’s also had me use it on his hands a few times!). Crazy for Coconut is wonderful, seriously. It’s not candy sweet, but it smells almost like suntan lotion. I friggen love it. She’s got so many scents, y’all. It’s almost overwhelming. I sense my paychecks going her way until I own them all. Today, she’s adding a ton of new scents to the shop, all perfect for summer!

*Pineapple Slices
*Coconut Lime
*White Tea & Ginger
*Awapuhi Seaberry
*Brownie Batter
*RainKissed Mimosa
*Chocolate Fondue: sweet milky chocolate whipped with honey and buttercream
*Bali Mango: ripe mango kissed with juicy pineapple and sweet sugarcane
*Geisha Girl: a spicy blend of citrus & clove, with a hint of violet and lily of the valley with a woody base note
*Dragon’s Blood: a tantalizing blend of dragon’s blood, myrrh, patchouli kissed with jasmine and woody musk
*Beach Bum: fresh and breezy blend of coconut, fresh citrus, pineapple, and smooth vanilla
*Pear Tea: earthy blend of tea steeped with ripened pear
*Seashore: a unique fragrance that captures the essence of fresh sea air
*Butt Nekkid: a yummy blend of strawberry, coconut, pineapple, pear, and gardenia with a sugary vanilla base
*Tahiti Sweetie: a fruity blend of grapefruit and pear with peach and black currant
*Blue Hawaii: a refreshing blend of tropical coconut, rum, mango and lime with hints of sweet jasmine and pineapple
*Island Bamboo: a watery, woody blend of tropical green leaves, sparkling blue waters, and pink coral with hints of watercress and willow


There are quite a few size options, so be sure to check them out here. If you’re not sure that you’re going to like a scent, you can also snag a sample size for $.75! Great way to see what you’re going to like!


Anywho. Sorry for such a wordy review! I’m not the best at putting down my thoughts, so word vomit tends to happen. I hope you fine folks are having a lovely week! <3


Velasha out!


***The cuticle oils were sent in exchange for an honest review!***

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