I’m so sorry for being quiet all week, y’all. This week has been rough. Three split shifts (starting at 7a when my normal bedtime is close to 5a, lord help me), nonstop headaches and migraines, and brain dumbness. And to top it off? The USPS still hates me. The 3rd and final polish from this trio is still MIA somewhere in Atlanta. Please excuse me while I eat my feelings. Ugh. At least I have this beautiful berry holo to share with you guys! This is my second Darling Diva polish and oh my, it’s perfect. The shade is up my alley AND it’s a friggen holo! AW YISS.


As Darling Diva‘s contribution to Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer‘s Destination Trio for May, they created Undomesticated Diva, which is an incredible one-coat holo. Each of the makers created their polish with this photo of the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago in mind, and they all seriously did a wonderful job. I’m able to look at each of them and see exactly where they’re represented in the picture. Kristen from Northern Star Polish took the photo a few years back. Beautiful, huh?



According to Carrie from DD, “the polish took its name as a nod to Peggy from Married With Children since the fountain is featured in the opening scenes from every episode.” I. Love. It. It’s classy and complex with the silver holo glitters mixed in with the formula. In all honesty, I was a little worried that it would stain since it’s so pigmented, but I had no issues. I may or may not need a back up of this baby.

Undomesticated Diva (2)

Between the insane amounts of holo, the darkness of the polish, and my dry as all effin’ get out cuticles, my phone freaked with each photo I took. I’m sad.

Also, wtf even is that hair thing hanging off my middle finger‽


Undomesticated Diva (5)


Oh, and if you forgot. ONE COAT. O N E C O A T Y’ALL. Isn’t it glorious? My photos show how the polish looks with top coat, but I didn’t really see a difference without any on. No dulling of the holo here!


The trio launched on Tuesday of this last week and is available for purchase now at $30 shipped domestically or $30 with prorated shipping for our international polish addicts!


I hope you guys had a great weekend! I’ll leave y’all with some a capella goodness from No Comment A Capella. You ought to check out the studio version on Spotify. It’s a bit more polished if this version sounds a little rough (but seriously, it’s DAMN good for being live like that!)  I lovelovelove singing this in my car (or the shower!) as loud as I can. It’s just so. so. so. effin’. incredible.


Anywho. Velasha out!



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