It’s been a while since I’ve shared a VoxBox, huh? Oooops! I haven’t really qualified for any boxes lately, so I’d been slacking. My bad! Anywho. Influenster qualified me for L’Oreal’s EverPure sulfate-free line of hair care products.

The excitement has been real, y’all.

My hair has been put through the ringer the last few months. Between the weather and some recent health/hormone issues, it’s looking extra… rough. Yeah. We’ll go with that. It’s dry. It tangles easily. And it’s like… Hermione-level frizzy. I’m a damn mess on a daily basis. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t style it or anything – I just let it dry naturally so I don’t damage it anymore. My hair makes me a damn sad panda.

This hair care system though… I actually really like it. I’ve used it for the last month (off and on because with how long and thick my hair is, I would have gone through what they sent in two weeks) and I plan on going out and buying a set once it’s gone.



I absolutely love that it’s sulfate-free AND vegan. It makes my hair and my heart happy. I don’t feel awful about washing my hair with it and my hair feels pretty awesome afterward. The smell is a tad bit… chemically? I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s a bit strong. I don’t mind it, but it almost reminds me of LUSH’s Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, but not nearly as strong. Gaaaawd, the smell of that one nearly made me hurl. Nasty as all friggen get out. This, though, isn’t bad at all. I enjoy it. It smells super clean.

I don’t use the lotion too often just because I tend to let my hair dry naturally and I don’t want to weigh it down with unnecessary product (though, this isn’t heavy at all, honestly), but oh my gods, it’s amazing. When we get ready to leave the house right after a shower, I’ll at least dry my bangs so I don’t look like a wet dog and that’s when I’ll use the lotion. My hair is SO incredibly shiny after using it. No lie. My hair has been kinda dull lately, but this changes that. I also feel better about brushing through my hair when it’s tangled (which is probably about 20-21 hours out of each day). I can tell it’s stronger. I dig it.

My initial plan was to get a lineup of everything in the shower, but my boyfriend and his nerds live in a house made for tall people. Since there’s not a whole lot of room, we put all of our bottles up top. I can kinda reach them while in, but when I’m out, since the floor is lower than the tub, I’m screwed. The first photo shows from my point of view AFTER knocking everything off into the tub because mistakes were made. The second one was taken with me on my tip toes and reaching up as high as I can. I may or may not have dropped my phone on my face while trying to take an in-focus photo. Ugh.

Hi, I’m a short human. I need a step stool and a grabby-claw thingy.



Also, please ignore the bowl to the left. I use it for my mani bombs and it was the only logical place I could think of to let it dry.

I do not snack while in the shower. Usually.



Quick and dirty review, aw yiss. In all honesty, I’m really happy that I was able to try these products. I genuinely like them and can see myself adding them into my daily routine!


As always, if you’re curious about Influenster, you can learn more and sign up with my link here. It’s free and you get to try some neato things in exchange for honest reviews! I’ve got a few other Influenster reviews tucked away on the blog. :D Thanks for stopping by, y’all.




Velashaa out!


****I was sent these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.****

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