Mmmmmh cupcakes. If they weren’t so damn messy, they’d be my go-to sweet treat. I, however, make messes like a 5 year old child so I’ll just stick to ice cream and call it a day. These polishes, though. They make me want to try baking again… Maybe. I tried to make angel food cupcakes for my boyfriend’s birthday and went through 4 boxes of batter (THEY ALL BURNED) before I gave up and decided that maybe I shouldn’t be baking. Angry tears may have happened.

MOVING ON. Polished for Days has teamed up with Illyrian Polish for a monthly themed box that features a third indie maker. I’d passed up the last few boxes, but as soon as I saw that Cupcake Polish was the featured maker, I had to snag a box. That, and cupcakes. Yes, good. May’s theme was Cupcakes for Dessert!

The box is available for 24 hours at the beginning of each month (the date can vary) for $27.00 plus shipping. Y’all can find more information on it here!

Annnnnnd now for my favorite part, the photos! As usual, this is a tad photo heavy and all photos show the polishes topped with Seche Vite.

Mint-Chocolate-Chip-CupcakesPolished for Days – Mint Chip Cupcake; This one’s a delightful pastel minty green with flakies that look like actual chocolate shavings/chips/FLAKIES. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to fall in love with this one. A pastel green wasn’t on my ‘need to own’ list, but I’m so glad I have it. It’s friggen CUTE! I love the color and the formula was wonderful! I only needed two thin coats and it smoothed out super quickly.  I absolutely love this polish.


Mint Chip Cupcake (4) Mint Chip Cupcake (2) Mint Chip Cupcake (1)


Raspberry-Chocolate-Cupcakes-65 Illyrian Polish – Chocolate Raspberry; a deliciously darkened black cherry/raspberry holo with red/bronze/copper shifting flakes.” The Polished Okie‘s description was 100% spot on. The base has so much depth between the jelly and the flakies – it’s like the most delicious vampy holo swimming pool. Wait, what? Aw, hell. I don’t know. It’s PURDY. It was pretty much a one-coater, too! 

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake (3)Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake (2) Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake (4)


My-Favorite-Chocolate-Cupcakes Cupcake Polish – Double Chocolate Cupcake; Be still, my heart. This chocolatey holo is effing incredible. I know brown polish isn’t for everyone, but my goodness, this one is stunning. I’m already a huge Cupcake Polish fan, but this made me love them even more. The formula was on par with the rest of their polishes that I’ve bought and it’s just so damn gorgeous that I couldn’t stop staring. I used two thin coats and fell in love with the first stroke of the brush. It’s drool-worthy, really.


Double Chocolate Cupcake (1) Double Chocolate Cupcake (2) Double Chocolate Cupcake (5)


May’s box is no longer available, sadly, but the next box, which features Baroness X (EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!), will be available on 6/3/16! The theme for the month is Enchanted, and holy shit, my body is ready. Demi is a goddess among humans and has a knack for bringing whimsical-y and mythology-y things together in the form of polish. There’s only a cap of 150 boxes and it goes live at 11am PST, so be sure to set your alarms! I’ve got mine all ready to go because there’s no way in hell that I’m gonna miss out on this glorious box. #treatyoself

Sooooo, whatcha think? I think I’m in need of some cupcakes. My thighs ain’t, but they can get over it.

Annnnd now it’s naptime. Thanks for stopping by! <3


Velashaa out!


PS- all photos of cupcakes actually came from www.yourcupofcake.com AND link to the recipes that they came from!


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