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I don’t know why it took me so long to fall in love with Cupcake Polish. I ordered Berry Good Looking a few months ago because the internet was raving about it, and it was love at first sight. When I first saw the Butterfly Collection on instagram, I knew I had to have it. It’s holo. It’s bright. It’s perfection in tiny glass bottles. It was going to be mine.

I snagged a set and started putting them on, one by one, within minutes of the mailman delivering my package. If you’re a holo lover like I am, this set is essential for living. No lie. Cupcake collections are a tad pricey, but so worth it, in my opinion.


{I know it’s my norm at this point, but this post is going to be picture heavy just because I love this whole collection so much. Also, all photos show the polishes with Seche Vite on top.}


Cocoon; I ain’t even gonna lie. This is the polish that sold me on the whole collection. It’s such a unique polish color and the holo is so strong, but not overdone by any means. Two coats for perfect opacity and I had some serious heart eyes. I posted this manicure all over social media because I loved it so much. No damn shame here.

Cocoon (1) Cocoon (6)


Hatch of the Day; Oh, such a dainty shade. It’s this gorgeous pale pink with some serious holo packed in. It was also nearly a one-coater. ONE COAT. It’s just too good for this world. TOO. FRIGGEN. GOOD. We are not worthy.

Hatch of the Day (3)Hatch of the Day (2)


Little Butterfly; Green again! I lovelovelove this one. It’s vibrant and fresh. AND DOESN’T STAIN. The formula was absolutely perfect and it went on like a damn dream. Just. YESSS. So good.



Metamorphosis; Whoa, blue makes me look tan. I kinda dig it. This one, in person, looks much more purple to me, but I wouldn’t change the way it looks on the nails. Ever. It’s downright gorgeous. The holo adds so much depth to it that it’s crazy. Also a non-stainer! I mean, not that any in this collection do, but I’ve heard horror stories about blues and greens staining left and right. Sooooo. Covering the bases here. Two coats for absolute perfection, y’all.

Metamorphosis (7)Metamorphosis (5)



Time To Fly; Goodness, this is such a classy pink. It’s simple, but not plain. It’s muted and flashy at the same time. I’d love to wear this to a dinner party or something similar. Very regal, I think. Two coats as well, but probably could have gone on in one!

Time to Fly (5)Time to Fly (4)


Transformation; This one totally freaked out my camera. I’m not sure why, but I like that you can see how different the polish can look depending on the lighting. This bluish lilac is absolutely stunning and also pretty much a one coater. Annnnnd I just noticed the hair thingy on my middle finger. DANGIT.

Transformation (1)

Annnd this next one looks foggy for some reason. I dunno. Aliens. Or some shit.


Transformation (3)


This whole collection is perfection, folks. I know I use a lot of the same positive words over and over, but I mean it each time I say each and every one of them. I have nothing bad to say about this collection. I honestly want a back up of each and every bottle. It’s just all so incredibly pretty.


Anywho, I’ve got to head to work for the next bajillion hours. I hope y’all have a lovely Friday and an even better weekend! Thank you for reading!


Velashaa out!

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