Ah, Ygritte. One of my favorite Game of Thrones characters. This was the moment that I fell in love with them as a couple. They’re just… so… FANTASTIC. Ugh, GoT, why you gotta break my heart?


Anywho. Illyrian Polish! A new-to-me brand and so awesome! I found this polish on Instagram a few weeks ago and I had to have it. Mark and I marathon’d Game of Thrones in the few weeks leading up to this season’s premier since I hadn’t seen any of it and now I’m slightly more than a little obsessed. SO GOOD. Now I need to get my hands on the books.

Illyrian’s website was in maintenance mode when I discovered the polish, so I found this little gem on Color4Nails and ordered it along with two other GoT-themed polishes from Celestial (which will both be on here in the next few weeks!). It’s still in stock there, so I’d totally recommend grabbing it while you can.

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow is a delicious smokey grey/taupe cream with red shimmer that’ll stop you dead in your tracks. I used three thin coats for my swatch – I could have used 2 had I not gone so thin with my coats. I did it out of habit, and not knowing the formula and well, oops. It still went on really well. I didn’t have any issues with streaking and the formula is wonderful. I topped it with Seche Vite and now I’m going around the house showing everyone my neato nails.

You Know Nothing Jon Snow (1)


That bubble on my pinky nail is the reason why we can’t have nice things.

You Know Nothing Jon Snow (3)


You Know Nothing Jon Snow (4)


Isn’t it beautiful? That shimmer kills me. It’s perfect. Subtle, but in your face at the same time. It’s delightful.


You Know Nothing Jon Snow (5)


I’m sorry for the redness that is my cuticles. I did a huge swatchfest and kinda destroyed my hands. They need some TLC, that’s for damn sure. SOON™.

Please, please. Do yourself a favor and order this. It’s stunning, y’all.

I think it’s naptime. Yep. Just watched 6.04 (YES, GOOD) and had a McFlurry and I’m happy as a clam. It’s time for sleep.

Velashaa OUT!


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