I have some amazing friends in the indie polish community. From makers to bloggers, there’s no shortage of love. I was lucky enough to win Becky of Naked Without Polish‘s 4 year blogiversary giveaway and it’s put me in touch with some fantastic people. We had a slight issue with one of the prizes (though, there’s no complaints here – I’m one lucky gal!) and Chelsea from Pretty & Polished stepped up and sent me something extra (on top of the collection I won in the giveaway[!!!]). I damn near cried opening the package the other day. These two women are incredible, seriously.

The polish that I was sent was Rhythm Nation, which was inspired by the one and only Janet Jackson. It’s apart of P&P’s Icon Collection (part 1) which released yesterday, the 13th! I can’t wait to order a few of the other gorgeous polishes from the collection.

“This nail polish is modeled after Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”. This nail polish represents not only the powerful black and white music video for this song but it also represents Janet. Janet is multifaceted. She has so many talents and abilities. Her music is powerful just like her and I felt she needed a polish that represented her power and beauty.

Rhythm Nation is a thermal color changer that changes from a dark grey to a softer pale gray when warm. It is a holographic shade with holographic glitter as well as bright purple and dark gray micro flakes. It is subdued enough to draw you into taking a closer look just to show you exactly how powerful and pretty it is.”


It. Is. Stunning. I love grey. Room colors, nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick. Everything. I think it’s so gorgeous and so appropriate for everything. This polish is perfection in a bottle. On first glance it’s this deep, mysterious grey that reminds me of living near Seattle and the rainy days that I miss so much. As soon as you put it on and your hands warm up, though, it’s magical. It is so dang reactive that I had an idiot moment within 32 seconds of having it on. First nail I put it on, I did my usual thin coat. Glanced away, I guess, because when I looked back, my blind ass thought I missed this whole big chunk of my nail and added more. Grabbed my glasses in time for an audible, “Oh” as I realized my mistake.

I am not a clever human.

It really is neat, though. I was so fascinated that I kept staring at my nails and either warming them up or cooling them down to watch the transition. MAGICAL, YO.

That, and it applies like a dream. Two thin coats and top coat and you’re set. No texture, no grit, just shine and MAGIC.

Photos. Y’all ready for the actual photos? ME. TOO. LET’S GO.


Rhythm Nation (1)


Them flakies, tho.

Rhythm Nation (3)

RIP nails. They decided to crack and break approximately 4 hours after these photos. I now have nubs that will not show the transition like this.


Rhythm Nation (4)

And the holo. Just. So. Effin. Good.

Rhythm Nation (5)

Y’all need to pick this one up, kay? Especially if you like grey polish like I do. It’s a must have. I know, there’s a lot of talk around thermals not lasting. It’s true, they have a shelf life in most cases. And sometimes they just don’t work. But this one. This one does. And honestly, it’s gonna get a ton of wear out of me before it has the chance to stop transitioning.

So, whatcha gonna pick up? I’m planning on ordering Blown Away next!. The song. The emotion. The polish. Yes, good. Anywho. I’m gonna end this before I continue ranting and raving. I hope y’all have an amazing weekend!

Velashaa out!

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