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Whoa. Where has the week gone? I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I’m glad it’s going quickly, but there’s so much to do, and my head is spinning. And what am I doing about it? Not a damn thing. I’ve got a cup of tea, music going, and I’m fussing with garrison missions in WoW in between writing. I’m stellar at avoiding responsibility, y’all.

Anywho! Connie from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer opted to switch up her spring polishes this year. Instead of a static collection, she created 12 small batch polishes and they’re incredibly pretty. I’ve got four of them to share today! :D


{Photo heavy as usual, but I apologize for the quality of some of the photos. I took upwards of 200 photos of these, but the glitter spazzed my camera out to the point that I couldn’t get some super clear. You can still see the gorgeousness in the polishes, but I just wanted to be up front about this!}


Adventure; “Adventure is forest green jelly with just a hint of blue. Lots of glitter swiming this beauty as well.” Adventure is gorgeous. I lived in Washington State as a child, and this polish reminds me of it, greatly. It was fully opaque in two coats and went on perfectly. I topped it (and all the others) with top coat without any issue. The jelly base in this is just… spectacular, really. It’s beautiful (and doesn’t stain!) and the glitters just bring so much more depth to the polish. I want to swim in it.

Adventure (1) Adventure (6) Adventure (7)



Solitude; “Solitude is black jelly with an assortment of glitters.” Glitter and I don’t get along. Y’all know that. Honestly though? I had NO issues with this polish at all. It was a little sheer, but I think that’s to be expected with a black jelly base. I used three thicker coats, but not because the polish is thin. I just wanted to get a good sense of the polish with all of the glitters and everything. It went on super easily, seriously. It wasn’t even textured, but I still topped it with TC as usual. I love this polish.

Solitude (5)Solitude (2)Solitude (1)

Feel My Wrath; ” an amazing blurple jelly filled with blue flakes and sparks. Polish is more purple in person.” I fought hard with the photos of this one. It’s SOOOO much more purple in person, but my camera really only picked up the blue. You can see it in the shimmer, but I promise it’s so much more deep than my photos show. It went on in two thin coats and is just so damn pretty that I don’t have words. It’s gorgeous, you guys.

Feel My Wrath (2) Feel My Wrath (3) Feel My Wrath (4)

She Hides It Well; “a warm medium purple jelly with an amazing mix of glitters.” Connie has a knack for purple polish. Each one she creates is unique and just as gorgeous (if not more) than the last. SHIW falls in line with that. I think this is my favorite out of all of them, to be honest. The warm purple base is inviting and gorgeous and has perfect coverage in two coats. The smattering of glitters just adds this whole extra level of dimension. Sweet jesus, y’all. IT’S PURDY AS ALL GET OUT. If you were to only pick one from this collection, I’d say this one. It’s got everything. Color, depth, GLITTER.

She Hides It Well (4)She Hides It Well (1)She Hides It Well (1)

Side note: How in the actual f*** did I manage to scuff the lids on these polishes!? slkfjsldkfjklajdf I’m the reason why we can’t have nice things. Frig.

Anywho. Since these were made in a small batch, y’all need to snag ’em while you can! They won’t be around for long! Also be sure to check out the 77NL (heh, Nichole, I’m stealing that, you clever lady, you!) Instagram here. For updates and exclusive sales, also be sure to join the Facebook group! We’re a pretty neat group, if I may say so myself!

Hope the rest of the week is absolutely lovely!

Velashaa out!

These were sent to me as a press sample for a review and photos, but all opinions are my own. 

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