Afternoon! A few months back, Potion Polish announced that they were closing down and they’d listed several polishes at a lower price to clear out inventory. I panicked. Ever since I tried two from the fall line last year, I’ve been in love. Such beautiful polishes, perfect formula, and a ton of holo packed in. I was devastated. There were two that I’d been eyeing for a few months, but just hadn’t ordered because I kept putting it off. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. They had to be mine.

And now they are.

Luckily, for all of us, they’ve decided to continue making polish for special occasions in small batches. AW YISS. For those of you who haven’t tried them yet, seriously. Go place an order. I haven’t seen a polish from them that I didn’t immediately fall in love with.

I’m beyond happy with the two that I picked – Satin Panties and Sweater Weather is Better Weather. I’m a holo hussy from now till the day I die, and I want to dive into these. Blue and green tend to scare me away, but SWisBW is just plain stunning.


Sweater Weather is Better Weather; “This stunning teal linear holographic polish has a special surprise in it’s scattered copper holographic glitters that give it a truly unique look.” The description from their website describes it perfectly. I had a hard time getting the copper to show in my photos, but I’m still happy with how they turned out. I feel like a damn mermaid with this on. My goodness.



SWisBW (1) SWisBW (2) SWisBW (3)




Satin Panties; “Pale beige linear holo with a dainty dusting of silver flakes and light pink glitter.” Holy shit. Pardon my French, but my god, isn’t this spectacular? It’s dainty and delicate and yet oh so sexy. In bright lighting, it gives off the most gorgeous holo glow, but also looks absolutely delectable in regular lighting. /swoon

Satin Panties (1)Satin Panties (3)Satin Panties (2) Satin Panties (4)


Purdy, ain’t they?


Velashaa, out! <3

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