Happy Saturday, nerdlings! I’m currently curled up in my bedcave, fighting off a nasty cold, but I couldn’t deny y’all the awesomeness that is this collection from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics.

My favorite way to end the day (other than curled up next to my man, catching up on stuff on Netflix), is to scare the absolute hell out of myself by reading NoSleep stories. r/NoSleep is my favorite subreddit. Has been for years. I’m a huge fan of paranormal and supernatural stuff, so naturally, I love reading user-created stories. If you’re curious, one of my favorites is the Boothworld series. Oh man. It’s glorious. And chill-inducing. So good, I promise.

Anywho. This collection, made up of five polishes (I have four to share – the fifth will go up later on), is the NoSleep Collection, and it’s inspired by some fantastic authors and their stories. Honestly, it’s a must have. Even if you like light and springy things for fall. [AHAHA, thanks NyQuil, that made sense in my head. I’m leaving it. Y’all know what I meant. That’s just too damn good to change.] You need this set.

This is photo heavy, I’m sure you fine folks know that by now. Also, all photos show 2 coats plus top coat.



Ghost Orchids for Jasonthe best way to describe this one is ethereal. Or complex. It’s delicious. Grey/white holo base with shifty flakies throughout? Sign me the hell up. It went on in two beautiful thin coats and simply glows. It seriously lives up to it’s name.

It was inspired by C.M. Scandreth and two of her stories. This and this.

Ghost Orchids For Jason (1) Ghost Orchids For Jason (2) Ghost Orchids For Jason (3)



The KingdomLiquefied mermaid. Seriously. Nichole from Bedlam Beauty dubbed this polish that, and rightly so. It’s this deep, gorgeous blue that you can just lose yourself in. Between the holo and the flakes, I’m sold. Also, it’s a vibrant blue that DOES NOT STAIN. Y’ALL. I CAN’T.

This one was inspired by Henry, who wrote this, this, oh, and this one.

The Kingdom (2)The Kingdom (4)The Kingdom (3)



Midnight ViolenceNo, this one won’t lead you to go bash someone’s head in at 3 in the morning. It will, however, make you want to drool over your purdy digits time and time again. It’s got this gorgeous deep indigo base with a reddish shimmer and flakies throughout. Delicious galaxy goodness.

Elias, and this fantastic stories are the inspiration behind this beauty. Emily’s favorites can be found here, here, and also here.

Midnight Violence (2) Midnight Violence (4) Midnight Violence (5)



The Laws of NatureI have no idea how to describe this one. It’s tan and beige and reddish taupe and just ?????. Good. Stuff. Yo. I’m totally going to go ahead and say that this one is SFW. It’s a nude, and I think it’ll be gorgeous on darker skin tones especially. The holo. The Flakies. Unf. It went on a little thick for me, but I had no issues with dry time and it settled well with top coat.

Ashley is the inspiration behind this one, and you can find more information on him here.

The Laws Of Nature (3) The Laws Of Nature (5) The Laws Of Nature (6)


The NoSleep collection is available now here. I sincerely hope that everyone checks it out and snags a few of these for their collection. If any of you fine folks also like r/NoSleep like I do, please please link me your favorite stories below!


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend <3


Velashaa out!


***These polishes were sent to me for review and photos, but all opinions are my own!

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