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Afternoon, y’all! I’m back after a small hiatus with a gorgeous spring collection to share with you beautiful folks. I’m really excited about this one. I’m usually not fond of glitters, I’m sure I’ve said it before. This collection, however, is absolutely stunning.

I’ve been working with Allison of le Polish ( for the last few weeks and I have to say, she’s a delight to know and work with. Her brand is super new to me, but my goodness, she makes some gorgeous things. (Go look at the Darth Valentine Trio. Seriously. GO.) Anywho. Today, I have the Love Your Mother (Earth) Collection to share. I’ve got 3 of the 4 pretties and I’m absolutely in love. This collection releases this Friday, April 22nd at noon EST. You’ll want this set, I promise. Each polish that I tried went on beautifully and to me, embodies the Earth and the Goddesses wonderfully.

Allison based the entire collection on the photo below, which was created by Desirée Delgado. (Source)



Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Rhea: (Titaness Mother of Gods, and Mother to Demeter); “A dusty purple jam-packed with pink, lavender, and orange glitters and green micro-flakes. She may not be a goddess herself, but she birthed them and is every bit as beautiful!” This purple is stunning. There’s gold shimmer running throughout that shows in every lighting. The polish itself was a little sheer for my liking, so I used four coats to reach the opacity that I desired. Though it was a little thin for me, it does not take away from my opinion of the polish at all. The purple crelly is gorgeous and the glitters settle super well. I also found that I had no issues actually getting glitters on the brush for even application (this goes for all three!). HECK. YES.

Rhea Rhea1 Rhea2


Demeter: (Goddess of the Harvest, Mother to Persephone); “A spring green full of pink and gold holo glitters with pink micro-flakes, fitting for a mother who just hot her daughter returned from the Underworld!” When I look at this crelly, I honestly think of spring. My mind paints this image of a brook at dusk, where the colors as muted ever so slightly and you see the sun setting, painting the sky and ground a pretty orange shade. I’m awful at describing things. I tried. Anywho. Demeter is stunning and my photos show three thin coats and top coat. This one also settled well with top coat! Demeter3Demeter2Demeter


Persephone: (Goddess of the Underworld). “A fiery orange with teal glitters, gold flakes, and purple micro-flakes. A blazing tribute to a daughter who was stolen from her mother by an evil deity!” I am 100% in love with this polish. It’s vibrant. It’s wild. It’s happy as all get out. This one went on in three thin coats (though, I think I could have done with just 2 to reach the opacity that I prefer) and I’m itching to put it back on. It’s so pretty, y’all. Seriously.

Persephone3 PersephonePersephone1


So, which of these are on your wishlist? Don’t forget, they launch this Friday at noon here!

There’s also a fun Facebook Group with giveaways, contests, and Sunday Funnies, I encourage y’all to join in our shenanigans! Allison can also be found on Instagram here and on Pinterest here!


Happy Tuesday loves! <3


Velasha, out!



***These were sent to me for review and photos. All opinions are my own!

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