vino y rosas


Ugh, isn’t that bottle gorgeous? Demi from is such an artist with everything she does. Jewelry, polish, cuticle balm, mani fizzies. Everything. Her bottles are my absolute favorite (not to mention how awesome her brushes are!).

Vino y Rosas is stunning and beyond perfect for a soft and romantic Valentine’s Day manicure. It was created for Terra of My Lacquer Cabinet and has since been released! It’s a delicate mauve holo with little blue flakies that tie everything together. The formula is amazing, just like the rest of Demi’s polishes and went on in two thin coats.

I’ve got a few different shots of it since it changes to a super pretty dusty pink rose depending on the lighting.


Full disclosure, this photo shows some exclusives from the launch that are no longer available in a set BUT you can find the Sugared Baubles and Matte Cuticle Calm on her website individually!
vino y rosas swatch (2)

vino y rosas swatch (5) vino y rosas swatch (4)

Look close, kiddos! You’ll be able to see those sneaky flakies in some of the shots!

vino y rosas swatch (3) vino y rosas swatch (1)

Beautiful, no? I think that everyone needs this, no matter the holiday and I know it’s going to be gorgeous on all skin tones. So, TREAT YO SELF. Run. Don’t walk.

You’re still reading this? GOGOGOGO.

-Velashaa out!


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