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When I think of Un-Valentine’s Day stuff, I think of that scene, from Valentine’s Day where Jessica Biel goes nuts on a pinata at her anti-V Day party. Ah, I love that movie. Definitely going to have to watch that next week!

I’m absolutely in love with this collaboration box. It gave me the chance to try 4 other indies that I haven’t yet! (Though, I’ll admit that I already placed orders with Cupcake Polish and Turtle Tootsie Polishes, I can’t help it!) This box is amazing. I expected to only like a few but honestly, I really love them all. The formulas, the finishes. They’re all so gorgeous!

77 Nail LacquerI Love You, NOT! | I bought the box solely for this polish. Not gonna lie. I showed it to the boyfriend and he got super excited and called it a strawberry polish, and that’s exactly what it is. I love Connie’s formulas. They’re perfect. This one is a gorgeous red jelly with holographic glitters and it settles beautifully. Sexy. As. Hell. My photos show it with 3 coats plus top coat.

I love you not (3)I love you not (1) I love you not (2)


Bear PawlishTable For One | Ahhh, my first Bear! I see exactly why everyone loves the brand so much. Table For One is a pretty black jelly with holo glitter. I have two thin coats on here with top coat. It settled well and was an absolute bitch to photograph. So. So. Gorgeous.

Table for one (4)Table for one (1)Table for one (2)


Glisten & GlowSingle and Ready To Mingle | Blues. I’m telling you. I love them this year. Especially this gorgeous blue-green holo. Goodness, I’m in love. I’ve been dying to try Glisten & Glow after watching Young Wild and Polished for the last few years.  The formula is spot on and I had no issues with staining, as you do with some blue polishes.

Single and ready to mingle (2)Single and ready to mingle (4)Single and ready to mingle (3)


Turtle Tootsie PolishesIt’s Not Me, It’s YOU! | Y’all. Chrissy makes beautiful polishes. I know this is going to be a first of many that I’ll own. INMIY is a beautiful pink-purple holo with delicate flakies. The formula is perfect – it was damn near a one-coater and the holo shines through top coat.

Its not me its you (2)Its not me its you (1)Its not me its you (3)


Cupcake PolishI Bought It Myself | EEEE MY FIRST CUPCAKE. I’ve been drooling over all of their polishes for months now, and I’m so happy to have my first! I tend to shy away from glitter because, well, glitter. When I swatched this one, I used two coats of yellow stopper because I had a feeling it would get everywhere. Not gonna lie, it stuck to my cuticles something fierce, but I had no issues on my actual nails. It’s also surprisingly opaque and settles well. I had to use two coats of top coat, but that’s only because I can’t handle textured polishes. But but but this coppery glittery rose gold is perfect and so damn blingy that it’s fabulous.

I bought it myself (2)I bought it myself (3)I bought it myself (1)


This box is no longer available (sorry loves!), but I couldn’t resist sharing all of these gorgeous polishes with you lovely folks!

And on that note, I’m out! By the time y’all read this, I’ll be up in Narnia visiting the most amazing man ever. I. Am. So. Excited.

Anywho. Yep. Happy Friday!

Velashaa out!

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