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Happy Sunday, folks! This morning, I’ve got a trio from one of my favorite indies up on the blog for y’all. Demi from Baroness X is incredible between her customer service and her phenomenal polishes, which can be found at www.baronessx.com. I’m coming up on a year since my first purchase from her, which was last year’s LE Valentine’s Day polish, Love Sparks.

This year’s trio was inspired by Billie Holiday’s Crazy He Calls Me, and it’s gorgeous. There’s something for everyone in this set, a holo, a shimmer, and a glitter. What’s not to love? Plus, her brushes are wide and perfect for getting the polish on easily and evenly. You’ll fall in love, I promise.

Go Through Fire – Described as a neon magenta with gold shimmer and a tiny bit of gold holo glitters AND shifty glass flakies, it’s beyond perfect for Valentine’s Day. With thicker coats, it could be fully opaque in one coat, but I used my usual two thin and had perfect coverage. All photos show the polishes topped with Seche Vite, as usual.

Go Through Fire (1) Go Through Fire (2)Go Through Fire (3)


Hold Up The Sky – A delicate turquoise holo with itty bitty holo glitters throughout. It’s a bit on the sheer side, so I used three coats (honestly probably could have done four) for full coverage. This is my favorite of the three. The formula is absolutely perfect and the holo peaks through no matter the lighting. Isn’t it beautiful?

Hold Up The Sky (2) Hold Up The Sky (1)Hold Up The Sky (3)


Crazy In Love – CiL has mini heart glitters, pink glass flakies and turquoise shimmer. This polish is described as a topper, but with the shimmer in the base, I think it’s gorgeous on it’s own as well! For my photos, I had two coats on and I had no issues with the glitters not settling, which is amazing. It’s also super dense, so I had plenty of glitters on my brush each time I dipped it.

{photo heavy, y’all have been warned}

Crazy In Love (1) Crazy In Love (2) Crazy In Love (3)


Goodness, it’s pretty over Go Through Fire, isn’t it? The shimmers complement each other perfectly.

GTF + CIL (1) GTF + CIL (2)


I also love it over Hold Up The Sky because the mint glitters really pop!

HUTS + CIL (2)HUTS + CIL (1)


You can find the trio on her website at baronessx.com in a full size (15ml) set and mids (8ml), but the mids will only be available for a limited amount of time.

Do you plan on snagging a set? If so, be sure to grab her Matte Cuticle Balm (the pumpkin spice shortbread cookie one is TO DIE FOR!), too. Holy grail, y’all. Holy grail. Be sure to keep an eye out for a post on it in the next few weeks!

This set was sent to me for review, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

Velasha OUT!


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