It’s that time again, folks! I’ve joined up with some lovely ladies to bring y’all some Halloween nail art, and I think this is my favorite inlinkz so far.

This mani was totally inspired by the ever-fabulous @jennpadd1 on instagram. I was so damn excited that I had to recreate it and I’m kinda really excited because she liked it too. Fangirl? Fangirl.

Aside from base coat and top coat, only two polishes were needed, and they’re both favorites. Oh, and for my peel-off base, I just used Elmer’s Glue. Easy peasy, aw yiss.

My base polish was Rainbow Generator from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics and the splatter was created using Pirates of Penzance from Colors by Llarowe and a straw.



It was about here that I realized that I had bright red polish in my hair, and all over my right arm.

I needed an adult.




These two, when paired together, are absolutely stunning, and even if you’re not wanting to do something like this, you ought to have them both in your collection.


Please be sure to check out the posts from the other wonderfully talented ladies in this group! I can’t art, but they can. I promise.


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