Aren’t they gorgeous? I mean. I’m kinda biased. I helped name them and I won a set of the minis because my names were chosen. Aw yiss, y’all.

These are all so gorgeous, though, that I’d love them even if my names weren’t picked. These are ALL so completely beautiful, you guys need them.

Without further ado, I present to you fine folks The Greek Goddess Collection from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer. I went with Greek Goddesses because the colors seemed so vibrant and sophisticated. If you’re not into vampy colors this fall, these’ll be perfect for you.

Aphrodite; “Olympian Goddess of love and beauty.”

I’ve found my red. That’s it. My search is over. It’s holo-tastic and non-staining, and so completely perfect. I love that it has the hint of cherry in the holo that takes it to a whole different level. For my photos, I used two coats plus top coat, as usual.

Aphrodite (2) Aphrodite (3) Aphrodite (4)Aphrodite (1)


Iris; “The Greek Goddess of the rainbow and servant to the Gods”

Purple. Holo. Glowy purple holo. Need I say more? It’s got a magenta glow that doesn’t doesn’t stop for days. This one was a one-coat wonder for me, but for the sake of the photos, I did two coats. It goes on so smoothly that even if you do multiple coats, you won’t have issues with thickness.
Iris (2) Iris (3) Iris (4)Iris (1)


Rhea; “An Earth Goddess, responsible for the fertility of the soil, women and motherhood.”

Rhea, to me, is the the ultimate polish that every woman (or man!) needs. It’s such a classy rosy shade that’s not too bright, but not too boring, either. It’s almost metallic, but it’s got enough holo that it makes it deliciously complex. Two coats plus top coat shown here!

Rhea (2) Rhea (3) Rhea (4)Rhea (1)


Eos; “The beautiful Goddess of the dawn who brings the hope of a brand new day.”

Glitter + holo = YESSS. I was a bit worried that I’d have issues with it going on easily because of the glitters, but nope. It went on in thin enough coats that I didn’t have to pick out any of the pieces to make sure they’d show up in photos. That being said, I had a few issues with cleanup on this one because of the glitter, but I don’t have an issue with it. Eos is so beautiful. As a non-glitter fan, I really enjoy this polish. I have 3 coats in the photos here.

Eos (2) Eos (3) Eos (4)


Selene; “This Goddess was the Titan personification of the moon itself.”

As delicate as this shade is, it’s complex. It’s the most fall-esque (in my opinion) of the bunch and just plain stunning. I love how dusty it is – it almost brings an antique quality to the polish. 2 coats shown here!

Selene (2) Selene (3) Selene (4)


Ahhh, I love them all so much. This is my favorite collection from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer so far. These release today, October 16th, at 12 PST, so be sure to head over to Connie’s Etsy shop to check them out!

Thank you for reading, and I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


Please note that while I did win a mini set of the collection, all opinions are my own.

My descriptions for the Goddesses came from

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