Hopefully you’ve seen this brand all over Facebook and Instagram by now. If not, lemme learn you a thing.

I’ve been talking to Kristen for the last few months about her upcoming launch and testing some different nude shades and she’s been such a delight to speak with. I offered to help test some of the shades because I’m so fair and hers were leaning a bit more yellow, so she sent me a swatch package. It took a friggen month here because the post is so damn potato. No lie.

So for this fun Friday, I have some of these nudes (/wink) to share with you guys! Keep in mind, when I got these, they had not been named yet, so the bottles are unbranded and all that jazz.


Peaches N’ Coffee – this one was the lightest of them all, and I LOVE stamping over it. These all pull super yellow on me, but they’re fantastic for nail art if I can’t rock them as a nude. I used three coats for full opacity and had no issues with the formula. It went on like a dream and built up nicely with my typical thin coats.

IMG_0893 IMG_0894


Mocha Latte – This one is slightly warmer and not as opaque as PnC, but that’s okay! I love seeing this shade on darker skin tones as a nude shade, it’s so gorgeous. For me, this’ll be a go-to for spring. It’s such a fresh and clean color and I’m in love.

IMG_0895 IMG_0896


Caramel Macchiato – Even if this wasn’t my favorite of the three, I’d still love it just because that’s my favorite drink at Starbucks. So damn good. Anywho. This polish. I. Love. It. It’s the warmest of the three shades, but it’s got this gorgeous shimmer running throughout and it’s beautiful. I used three coats for these photos as well, but now that I see them on my computer, I see that I could have used one more to cover up the nail line thingies. Words are hard. Don’t judge me.

IMG_0897 IMG_0898


As a part of a testing swatch for Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer’s newest Coffee & Conversations collection, I tried my hand at stamping on Peaches N’ Coffee with Cherry Mocha Latte, NO!. I think it came out super cute and they pair so damn well, don’t they? The plate I used is Love and Marriage-01 from UberChic Beauty

IMG_0864 IMG_0865


Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish will be launching soon, but it’s going to be a surprise, so be sure to check social media for the announcement! Kristen has several other gorgeous polishes that’ll be launching with these three. I promise you’ll find something to fall in love with!

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