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I’m not huge into jewelry, if I’m being honest. Mostly because I work from home but also in part because I’m prone to losing things. The lovely gals behind Rocksbox contacted me asking if I’d like to try it out for a few months, and I quickly said yes. My birthday was coming up, and I wanted something pretty to wear for the night. A box was dispatched to me super quickly and I loved what I got, but that whole month was a mess, so I wound up sending everything back to get a new set.

This new set is EVERYTHING. Seriously.

Also, keep reading to find out how to get a month for free!

Well, before I get into that. Let me explain how it all works. Slow it down, Vel. Kay?

Rocksbox is a designer jewelry subscription service. For $19 a month, you have access to a ton of gorgeous jewelry that you can rotate out as you please. Each time they send you a box, they send 3 pieces based on what they think you’ll like after you take their style survey and make a wishlist. The awesome part is that they actually listen to what you like. The first month, I wasn’t in love in love with what I got. Everything was gorgeous, but there were some pieces that I wouldn’t really wear. I filled out the feedback and then added a few more things to my wishlist and BAM. Magic. They sent stuff that I’d actually buy for myself.


They sent everything in this cute little box inside of a secured bubble mailer. Once you open up the ribbon, you’ll see a little booklet with your name on it and information on the pieces inside.

In this particular one, I received a ring, a cuff bracelet, and a necklace. So. Much. Perfection.


My favorite piece out of the whole box is the ring. Hands down. Wanna see it up close? Good. Because I want y’all to see it in all it’s glory. Along with my favorite mani of the year (which’ll be up on a blog post soon!). This is the Pavé Z ring in silver from Sophie Harper.


The other two pieces are equally gorgeous. The bracelet is absolutely adorable, and I love how it looks with my tattoo. The best part? It’s adjustable! This is the Arrow Affair Cuff in silver from House of Harlow 1960.


Now. Before I show my totally boring photo of this necklace, let me at least explain that I don’t wear necklaces often. My hair gets caught and tangled in everything and it’s just not a good time for anyone involved. Don’t let this photo sway your opinion of this pretty piece! It’s the Greer V-Neck Necklace in rhodium from Gorjana. I love how dainty and simple it is. I don’t like flashy stuff. Let me leave the bling to my nails!


Overall, I’m really really happy with this service, and I’m glad they chose me to try it out!

If you’d like to try it out for a month free, use code VELASHAXOXO – I promise, you’ll love it! If you don’t like it, you can cancel the sub before they charge you – there’s no obligation. If for whatever reason that fails, try jenalynbff2!

Thanks for reading!

Velashaa OUT

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