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It’s finally October! Some places are even seeing snow (I’m lookin’ at you, Alaska!) and leaves turning. Now, if Georgia would get the memo about cooler weather and gorgeous leaves, I’d be happy as all get out.

If I can’t have cold weather, I’m glad that all of these wonderful indie brands are coming out with fall collections to hold me over until the South stops being too damn hot.

Connie from Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer has come up with a STUNNING collection of 8 polishes that were all inspired by things overheard during her time as a barista. As a coffee addict that spent many many days writing papers in Starbucks, I’ve heard my share of wonky shit. It’s fantastic.

{Photo heavy as usual. Y’all know the deal.}


  • You’re Way Too Chai
    • This one is actual magic in a bottle because on first look, it looks like an orangey-peach holo, but on the nail, it’s almost a nude shimmer that shows as a muted gold in some lighting. Well, at least it is on my pasty fingers. The holo is very delicate, but so perfect because it doesn’t overwhelm the polish. My photos show two thin coats plus top coat. Perfect opacity!

You're Way Too Chai (1) You're Way Too Chai (2) You're Way Too Chai (3)


  • Yeah, I’m a Peach
    • I’ve never been one for glitter shimmer bombs, but I’m in love with YIaP. It freaked my phone’s camera out something fierce, but it’s beautiful. With copper peeking through, this one is perfect for fall. The formula was a little thin, but that’s 100% okay with me since I’m down with multiple thin layers. These photos show 3 thin coats, plus Seche Vite as my top coat.

Yeah I'm a Peach (1) Yeah I'm a Peach (4) Yeah I'm a Peach (5)


  • Cherry Mocha Latte, NO!
    • If this one isn’t about to be a staple in your polish collection for fall, I’m judging you. Hard. It’s going to be flattering on all skin tones, I can tell already. It’s such a gorgeous brown copper that has full opacity at two thin coats. The formula is kickass on this one, seriously. Also, please excuse the glitter STUCK to my cuticles. It’s what I get for attempting and failing at nail art before trying to get real photos. OOOOPS.

Cherry Mocha Latte NO (3)Cherry Mocha Latte NO (1)
Cherry Mocha Latte NO (2)

  • Orchid You Not
    • Metallic pink. Need I say more? Of course I do because holy shit. It’s so damn beautiful. I’m not usually one for pink polish, but I love how this one looks! It’s also a one coater and I’m about 95% positive that it’ll stamp well (I’ll test that in the next week or so!). It’s a little on the thicker side, so I used two super thin coats for my swatch.

Orchid You Not (3) Orchid You Not (1) Orchid You Not (2)


  • Chainsaws & Rainbows
    • Y’all. Need. This. Polish. It’s friggen amazeballs and magical and all that is right in the world. C&R is this super delicate dusty lavender polish with the most fantastic holo finish. I’m gonna need approximately 972 bottles to get me through the rest of my life because it is now one of my favorites. You just need two thin coats and you’re good to go. It also gets an extra photo because science.

Chainsaws and rainbows (1) Chainsaws and rainbows (2) Chainsaws and rainbows (3) Chainsaws and rainbows (4)


  • Son of a Beach
    • Before I even looked at the label on this one, I thought, “Oh hey, this looks like a mermaid in a bottle!” Damn, I’m good.. The base is the most gorgeous beachy blue and there’s this gold shimmer running throughout. Duochromes make me ultra happy. It’s super sheer, but in the best way I used three coats for full opacity. This one also gets an extra photo because reasons.

      Son Of A Beach (4) Son Of A Beach (1) Son Of A Beach (2) Son Of A Beach (3)


  • Don’t Be So Mossy
    • I have so much love for this one because it’s sooooooo dainty and almost duochromey and wonderful. It’s such a pretty green with slight golden shimmer. It makes me think of the forest and sunsets and just all the yes. This one only took two thin coats for full opacity – I was pleasantly surprised!

Dont Be So Mossy (1) Dont Be So Mossy (3) Dont Be So Mossy (4)


  • Starry Night, Morning Hangover
    • Dark. Grey. Holo. Perfection. SNMH totally reminds me of a grey version of Zoya’s Storm. The holo isn’t strong, but it’s more than enough to catch your eye and there’s plenty of rainbow glitter to allow for maximum drooling. Two thin coats of this one and top coat and you’re ready to go!

Starry Night Morning Hangover (1) Starry Night Morning Hangover (2) Starry Night Morning Hangover (3)


Aren’t they beautiful? I’ve been drooling over Connie’s polishes for a while now, thanks to Nichole of Bedlam Beauty and I was delighted when she asked me to swatch them.

This polish releases today (Oct. 2nd) at noon PST over at Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer. A full-sized set will run $75.25 and a mini set with all 8 polishes will be $48.00. Individual bottles can be purchased for $10.75.

What are you planning to pick up?




I was contacted to swatch and review this collection, but please keep in mind that all opinions are my own.

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