I recently moved, and have had very little time to much of anything beauty-related, so I sat down the other day to play with my YSL goodies that Influenster sent to me. YSL, to be honest, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. I’d never really given much thought to purchasing something just because… money. Everything they produce screams luxury, and the price tags do too.

Anywho. Do like. For the most part, at least.

Out of the two, the Touche Éclat Blur Primer is my absolute favorite. It’s got shimmer running throughout the product that illuminates, but does not make you look like a glitter bomb. It does a fantastic job of actually priming the skin and absorbs quickly so your skin isn’t left feeling oily. I feel as if it helped my foundation look it’s best and lasted all day.

IMG_8968 (1)




The Blur Perfector was the second item I tried and I wasn’t a huge fan. Maybe I used it wrong. I don’t know. It felt greasy, didn’t cover very well for me, and that pink tint didn’t jive with my skin tone. I’ll have to look up some reviews and tutorials with it, maybe see if I can learn to use it and actually enjoy it.





Anywho, here’s the full face from the other day when I tried the primer and the blur perfector. Because Georgia is 290384290348209843203948 degrees in the summer, I tend to shy away from using my foundation, but the primer did wonders to keep it on. I definitely do like how it makes the foundation settle, too. My skin looked smooth and even in tone (aside from the blemishes that I have, of course!).



By the way, I have MAC Diva on my lips and the Saucebox x Batalash palette on my eyes! I may show off the look in another post later. I think it’s perfect for fall, so maybe. Just maybe.

If you’re wanting to check out Influenster, you can sign up (or take a look around) via my link here. I definitely like it – it’s free and you get to test some pretty cool stuff in exchange for reviews and such.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my review – let me know your thoughts!


*I received these YSL products from Influenster complimentary and for testing purposes – all opinions are my own!




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