CNC fall preview


This summer is WAY too hot. For the last few weeks, I think I’ve been trying to cool myself down by wearing all fall colors. It’s not working, but a girl can dream, right? Right.

Emily from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics sent me a few lovelies to try out since they’ll be releasing in the next few months and holy wow, y’all. I’m in love.

Wine About It has to be my absolute favorite. I need it in lipstick form. Seriously.  It’s this gorgeous creamy dusty rose color with holo and you guys ought to know by know just how much I love holo. This one was pretty opaque with just one coat, but I did two just for good measure and topped it all off with Seche Vite.

Wine About it

Wine About it (2)__


Next up is Bad Faerie and she’s absolutely stunning. Fully opaque in two coats, this purple mutichrome shows off it’s flakes no matter the lighting and ugh. Definite distraction when driving. You’ve been warned.

Bad Faerie

Bad Faerie (2)

Bad Faerie (3)


I Come From the Forest is the final pretty that I received and it might just change my opinion on green polish. It shifts from a gorgeous green to a very vibrant gold and has delicate holo running throughout. I wound up using three coats in my swatch just because I spaced and added an extra coat by mistake. Pretty sure shark week distracted me. Probably. Ooops! This one is going to be perfect for autumn, and I’m definitely going to be rocking it lots. 


I come from the forest

I come from the forest (2)


*please excuse messy cuticles and apparent awful cleanup. I’m blind as a bat and need new glasses and can’t see anything these days*

Be sure to keep an eye on Emily’s Etsy shop for new releases. If you’d like to be the first to know about deals and new items, join Seize the Night – Carpe Noctem Cosmetics fan group. You’ll love everyone there! <3


Thanks for reading!


-Velasha out!


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