I find it very cruel to make an indie addict pick their top 5 favorite polishes when there’s at least a bajillion pretty little brands that are all equally awesome. I must have sat in front of my collection for a good 45 minutes trying to narrow it down. If I’m going to be honest, I have more like a top 72. They’re just ALL SO PRETTY. Ugh.

Karen from Pish.Posh.Polish decided to round up several bloggers to pick their favorites so be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post to see what the others chose as theirs!

Now, before I begin, y’all need a warning. Some of these swatches are from when I first started out. This means that a few might be watermarked with @makeupbyvelasha and others might be just plain wonky. JUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE POLISH, KAY? Kay.

First up is actually my very first polish (well, one of two) from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer. No Wane is what opened the door to the indie polish world for me and I hope that door never ever closes. This polish is so delightfully inky and holotastic that I 100% cannot even. It’s fully opaque in two coats and wears for days with little to no tip wear. Dave launched this last year as a part of his fall collection, but OPNL is now being stocked through llarowe, so you should be able to snag this during a restock. I promise, you’ll want this in your collection if you love dark, enigmatic colors like I do.


Baroness X is another brand that will forever have my heart. Please don’t kill me as Love Sparks was LE, but I couldn’t not share with you guys. It’s a bubblegum pink holo with little silver flakes. Another one that’s opaque in two coats and wears very well with a top coat. I feel like a damn princess in this one.


Have you ever seen a silver holo that is fully opaque in one coat? No? Prepare yourselves. Carpe Noctem Cosmetics has perfected this polish. Named after a trinket that creates a rainbow attack in World of Warcraft, Rainbow Generator is absolutely stunning. This ethereal silver goes on like a dream and lasts for days. It’s one that’ll have you staring at your nails at all times, so uh. Don’t drive and wear, alright? All jokes aside, this has to be my favorite polish from Emily. Nerds + nail polish = the greatest thing ever.


Bliss Polish has a full collection dedicated to her friends, and each one is named after one of the gals and finished with holo flair. Though I’m not a huge blue fan, Karina is my favorite out of all of them. All of Yvette’s polishes go on in two coats and this one is no exception. I swear, this blue just makes you want to go swimming; it’s perfect.


Last but certainly not least is Pirates of Penzance from Colors by llarowe. I know it’s new to my collection and was just featured in a blog post a few weeks ago, but it’s so freaking fantastic that I had to share again. This ruby red holo is perfection in a bottle. The glow it gives off is enough to leave you mesmerized. If you’re a red-loving person, you need this in your collection. Go get it. Run, don’t you dare walk. You’ll fall in love as soon as it comes out of the package. I promise.


When I sat down to do this, I didn’t realize that I’d picked all holographic polishes. They’re my favorite because it’s like the finest, most magical glitter AND THEY’RE ALL FLASHY RAINBOWS. Magical, yo.

Do you guys have any favorite indies that I need to check out? Let me know down below!

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