Happy Wednesday TGOBers! I received these little babes in the mail on Monday and had to resist digging my grubby little paws into them (I failed. You’ll see in some of the closeups) till today for swatches. Georgia has been nothing but oddly cold and snowy, so I had to wait for a morning/afternoon off to get some relatively decent daylight swatches.

These pretties can be found on ColourPop’s website and they sell for $8.00 USD each. The pans are pretty large (double the size of their eyeshadows if that helps for reference) and they have a screw-on cap to retain moisture. I know that there’s been a bajillion swatch videos and posts about these, so I’m sure you guys know by now that they’ve got an unusual texture. They’re almost like a pressed mousse and go on beautifully when you use your fingers to apply. You can also use a synthetic brush to lightly drag the product across the desired area (I used my MAC Duo Fibre #187 brush to test this) and it’ll leave you with a lovely flushed look.


In the pan, some of these look really intense, but I promise you that they’re gorgeous and blend out to just the right intensity to suit your mood.


First up is Mochi, which is described as a “bright blue pink with a matte finish”. It looks a little more rosy in my photo, but it’s pretty true to the description in person.


Next up, Thumper. This one is a “mid-tone true blue pink in a matte finish” and I find it to be the most beautiful pale cool pink ever. This is also the one that you can tell I just had to swatch before I could get photos. Ooooooops!


Clutch is third, and holy wow it’s pretty. “A vivid rosy red in a matte finish”, but I think it leans a bit more toward terra cotta on me.


Last, but not least is the oh-so-intimidating Fruit Stand. This one SCREAMS summer to me and is listed on their website as “a neon red orange in a matte finish”.


When I first opened my package, honestly, I was super worried that they’d be all WAY too bright for me (I’m lighter than NC15 and Face and Body C1), but after swatching them and seeing how well they blend out, I’m sold. Also, may or may not need them all.


From wrist to elbow:

  1. Mochi with one swipe and blended out underneath
  2. Thumper with two swipes and blended out underneath
  3. Clutch two swipes and blended out underneath
  4. Fruit Stand with two swipes and blended out underneath

[I didn’t want to take up the whole page with my arm, you can click through on the photo for the full size.]

Fair warning – these are SUPER long wearing. I hopped in the shower just after the photos and it look some serious exfoliating with a loofah to get them to come off. I was informed that a makeup wipe would have worked without scrubbing (potato brain today, didn’t even occur to me) so I tested it and CAN CONFIRM. I’ll have to test them for a day on my face to see how they wear with the random warm days we’ve been getting since I’ve seen mixed reviews on them lasting for a few hours.

Have any of y’all picked any up yet? Let me know what you think so far! :)

Also, have my jam of the day!



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