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It’s that time again, folks! I’ve joined up with some lovely ladies to bring y’all some Halloween nail art, and I think this is my favorite inlinkz so far.

This mani was totally inspired by the ever-fabulous @jennpadd1 on instagram. I was so damn excited that I had to recreate it and I’m kinda really excited because she liked it too. Fangirl? Fangirl.



Remember when I said that I wanted Middle Georgia to catch up with the rest of the country’s cool weather? Yeah. I take that shit back. We’ve yo yo’d from 90 degrees down to 55  and back up and I now have what feels like the plague. I guess I shouldn’t be catching up on Fear The Walking Dead as I feel like death warmed over. Oh well.

I was so damned excited for the new season of The Walking Dead that I decided it was time for a real zombie mani. I spent a little too much quality time with fireball the night before, so this took way longer than it should have. But I’m in love. UberChic absolutely hit it out of the park with their Zombie Love-01 stamping plate. I’ve used it almost daily and I see no signs of stopping.