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I recently moved, and have had very little time to much of anything beauty-related, so I sat down the other day to play with my YSL goodies that Influenster sent to me. YSL, to be honest, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. I’d never really given much thought to purchasing something just because… money. Everything they produce screams luxury, and the price tags do too.

Anywho. Do like. For the most part, at least.




Happy Wednesday TGOBers! I received these little babes in the mail on Monday and had to resist digging my grubby little paws into them (I failed. You’ll see in some of the closeups) till today for swatches. Georgia has been nothing but oddly cold and snowy, so I had to wait for a morning/afternoon off to get some relatively decent daylight swatches.