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Ugh. I don’t even know how to start this. I’ve never actually had a bad review to do, sooooo here goes nothing?

Thanks to the lovely Influenster program, I was chosen to test Marc Jacobs’ new Velvet Noir mascara (complimentary) and I was super excited. Marc Jacobs. It’s high-end, has to be good, right?  Nope. At least, not for me.


Velvet Noir (3)


I can’t right now. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of happy that I am to share this with y’all. Harry Potter is my jam when combined with nail polish and nail care? Hell yes!

I have this gorgeous set from Northern Star Cosmetics and I’m pretty sure everyone is going to enjoy it. Kristin took such great care when packaging this, it’s very clear to see. This is the kind of detail that I look forward to seeing with indies. Makes me super proud to be a part of the indie polish community.





Influenster has totally spoiled me this year. Two YSL boxes? Yes please! I’ve gotten a ton of use of each item that I received. So happy!

The most recent campaign I was chosen for was the YSL Rouge Pur Couture VoxBox and there are two gorgeous lipsticks inside.




lolbalcony. Don’t judge. It’s the only way I could get a photo with decent lighting to show all of my new lovelies.

Also, I’m completely set on mani scrubs for the next several months. I may have made a mistake with how many I ordered, but I totally regret nothing. These are all so perfect.

I was recently introduced to Savvy Naturalista through Nichole of Bedlam Beauty and I’m sold. Seriously.



I recently moved, and have had very little time to much of anything beauty-related, so I sat down the other day to play with my YSL goodies that Influenster sent to me. YSL, to be honest, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range. I’d never really given much thought to purchasing something just because… money. Everything they produce screams luxury, and the price tags do too.

Anywho. Do like. For the most part, at least.




I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, and if I haven’t, Influenster is the tits. Trufax. Take quizzes and write short reviews for things that I use daily and get free stuff to test? I’m game.

Aren’t you? I’ll leave a link and a referral code below if anyone might be interested.

The latest campaign that I was chosen for was the #NYCBigBold one. New York Color’s new line focuses on the big and the bold of the makeup world, with eyes being the main focus.




Happy Wednesday TGOBers! I received these little babes in the mail on Monday and had to resist digging my grubby little paws into them (I failed. You’ll see in some of the closeups) till today for swatches. Georgia has been nothing but oddly cold and snowy, so I had to wait for a morning/afternoon off to get some relatively decent daylight swatches.