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Press samples ahead!


It’s Sunday, y’all! Which means I’m missing Game of Thrones until I’m off in four hours. Being a blogger that posts in a lot of groups on facebook is dangerous territory when it comes to spoilers. I’ve got Nurse Jackie going and looking for hypoglycemic-friendly meal prep ideas. Pretty okay Sunday, yeah?

For this nightly review, I’ve got something a little different, but equally as exciting! I know y’all know how much I love my baths, or tub journeys, as Mark calls them. It’s how I wind down at night, usually take my Kindle, light a candle, and just soak. I’m always on the hunt for bath bombs, bubble bars, tea soaks, you name it, I want it. I’m terrible at putting on lotion and drinking enough water to keep my skin healthy, sooooo in my brain, this helps a little.

Karen over at Lollipop Posse Lacquer is getting ready to launch some total kickass foaming bubble bars, and you guys. I’ve been playing with them since the package came in the mail, and I am in love. Honestly.