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Press sample ahead! 

Happy taco Tuesday, my friends! For the first time in our relationship, Mark and I decided to do a taco Tuesday. And by that, I mean that he saw tortillas at the grocery store and got super excited. He cooked tonight since I’m working, which I totally appreciate. It’s been super funny, though. He had been anxiously awaiting  TT since Saturday, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he got the wrong size of tortillas. What he got was too big for tacos and too small for burritos… We had a quesadilla tuesday, dudes. Super yummy, but bless his heart. It was hilarious watching the gears turn as his brain finally understood that the tortillas were wrong.

Oh, I love him so. I really have no room to talk. My blind ass thought that a semi was a train and was disappointed that we’d be stuck waiting for it to cross. The kicker? IT WAS ON A STREET THAT WE LITERALLY HAD JUST GONE OVER 5 MINUTES BEFORE. As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard “Jenalyn Kayleigh, just. CHILL.” Mistakes were made, okay? Okay.

Dumb comments and wrong tortillas aside, I’ve got another gorgeous Polish Pickup offering to show y’all, and it’s also packed with something that I love: holo.

Chrissy from Turtle Tootsie Polishes has gone and done it. She has made the most gorgeous brown polish and so far, it’s my favorite from her. I love it so much that it hasn’t even gone into my helmer yet, and I’ve had these photos done for a few weeks now. I’m super confident that y’all will enjoy it too!

She drew her inspiration from this photo, which, my friends, IS A REAL TRAIN, NOT A SEMI.

Just Around the Bend is a delicious brown-toned brick red linear holo with multichrome flakies. Yeah. You read that right. It’s liquefied autumn in a bottle. FOR. YOUR. NAILS. It’ll be $10.50 and you’ll probably want to add extra insurance to your vehicle because it’s going to be blinding in the sun, and in the best way possible. My photos show it with two coats and top coat and ugh, it’s just divine. It’s on the thinner side, which is what I prefer for linear holos. It’s super soft and smooth and settles easily.


The amount of holographic pigment in this is insane. It’s blinding even just under my ottlite to the point that it freaked my camera out.



Those flakies, y’all. They’re perfect, just like leaves dotting the ground as they fall. Speaking of, there’s only 23 more days until crunchy leaf weather and my body is SO ready.

Annnnnnnnnnd moving on! This beauty, along with all of the other great offerings for the September Polish Pickup, will be available on Friday the 1st at 11am EST. And as a reminder, shipping is a flat $3 for both US and Canadia folks, regardless of how many sparkly shinies you buy.

For more photos and links on what’s releasing for preorder this Friday, you’re going to want to check out the Polish Pickup Pack on FB.

To see all things Turtle Tootsie, be sure to check out these links as well:


Whatcha think? It’s pretty rad, yeah? Is this on your list for this weekend’s shopping? It totally should be!

I’ve still got two more to share, so be sure to check back tomorrow and Thursday night! Thanks for stopping by, y’all <3

***The nail polish mentioned in this post was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can be found above.***


  1. Tracey August 30, 2017 6:41 am  Reply

    This is such a gorgeous colour, the added Flakies makes it so beautiful x

  2. Leslie Straub August 31, 2017 6:34 pm  Reply

    Oh, wow. This is so stunning and so are your pics!

  3. Polished Hippy September 1, 2017 1:07 am  Reply

    I love this so much! And I, too, am baffled by the number of sizes of tortilla at the store.

  4. Courtney September 1, 2017 5:24 pm  Reply

    This is an interesting shade. I love the base, but I’m not sure about those green flakies.

  5. nichole September 13, 2017 10:10 pm  Reply

    I love this color on you.

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