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It’s been a tough week. I won’t lie. The 20th crept closer and closer and felt like Doomsday. But it was not. It was the start of a struggle, but one that we’ll fight for what’s right all throughout. I look forward to seeing what good comes of this, and what we, as a people, can accomplish.

I’m not political, not by any means. I don’t know nearly as much as I should, but I know what I believe in. During the election, I sat watching the polls like a hawk, hoping for a different outcome. A lot of the women (and some awesome men) in the nail groups worked together to ease tensions, and a few makers even put out a few special polishes. While some of us did not see the candidate that we wanted to win elected, I still chose to purchase a few things from a new-to-me brand, ellagee! Laura created a gorgeous trio (and an awesome one-off polish that I HAD to have) inspired by the Obamas and Hillary Clinton attempting to make history. I’m proud to wear these, and they’re absolutely awesome. So, let’s get into it before I continue to babble on randomly.

Thanks Obama; “a ruby red jelly with a red microglitter base, blue and silver microglitter accents, plus translucent gold microflakes and red shimmer.” This one went on in two thin coats and settled wonderfully. It was a tad bit textured with one coat of Seche, so I added one more, but I love how it turned out!


Making History; “a sheer silver with a silver microglitter base, blue and red microglitter accents plus iridescent microflakes and shimmer.” I don’t know if it’s my eyes going bad, or if it’s because the polish sat for a few months (shame on me!), but this one is almost like a very very very pale pink in some lighting. I have no idea if it’ll show up in my photos, but it’s lovely either way. This one was ALMOST a one coater, so nice. Oh, and no texture issues, which makes my weird brain happy.


Madame President; “a royal blue jelly with a blue microglitter base, red and silver microglitter accents, plus iridescent microflakes and blue shimmer. ” Hi, I’d like to swim in this jelly polish. It’s gorgeous and vibrant and awe-inspiring. It went on in two thin coats, but did need a second coat of Seche for my liking. Sure as hell won’t stop me from breaking this back out in times of trouble. Or something like that. I just really really really love this polish, okay? Okay.


Oh, and that one-off polish? Y’all. I love it so. It’s so damn sassy and the perfect thing to welcome our new walking misogynistic dorito into office! This is Hell Toupée; “a bright burnt orange jelly filled with gorgeous micro to small flakes in shades of gold and copper with a bit of rainbow iridescent flakes.” I needed three thin coats, but that’s just my VNL to blame. It went on super smoothly and the flakies in it are absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and ellagee decided to knock $5 off the price so to you can choose to donate the remaining money to a human rights oranization of your choice. God, I love it so.


I’m afraid that Hell Toupée is not publicly available, but you can still snag the Election Day Collection here for $32 USD + shipping.

So, what do y’all think? How are you coping with this odd change? Me? I’m going to go eat my feeling in pizza and paint my nails. Thanks for reading!



  1. Ehmkay Nails January 23, 2017 3:11 pm  Reply

    I don’t care for politics to be involved with my hobby of polish but the colors are pretty.

  2. Tracey January 24, 2017 8:39 am  Reply

    Don’t get me started on politicians!! But very pretty polishes, especially that first red x

  3. Jenny Gilmore January 26, 2017 1:36 am  Reply

    These are all lovely! The flakes in the one-off are super nice!

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