Night Owl Lacquer | Birthday Polish & Small Batch Proto


My goodness, it feels like it’s been only a day or two since my last post. Nope. It’s been a damn week. I missed y’all, but man, it was nice having a week off from writing allllll the things.

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas and working entirely too much. My boyfriend’s momma came into town so we spent some time with her (I finally got to meet her after a year! EEEEE) and it was lovely. Mark and I also picked up a new TV for the living room because A) playing Rockband on a 32″ TV is terrible and B) I’m blind as a bat and cannot see anything on the screen if I’m sitting comfortably on the sofa. Does this mean I’m getting old?


Oh well. Merry Christmas to us! I can actually see without having to sit on the floor a few feet from the screen. So nice.

Also, we had our first real snow today! We had flurries last week, but it actually stuck today. GUESS WHO HAS ONLY WORN FLIP FLOPS FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS AND DOES NOT OWN REAL SHOES?


I mean, I’m not super bothered by it. I’m a furnace, and my feet don’t feel a whole lot of anything, so I’m mostly okay, but the snow today was wet, which actually made my bones hurt. Not fun, yo. As we were running around doing laundry, it occurred to me that it might be time to buy boots. Maybe.


ANYWHO. My sweet friend over at Night Owl Lacquer, Lindsay, had a birthday yesterday! We dubbed it a #nightowlicornbirthday over on IG and even did some art for her! I’ll have a post on that up sometime this week because I ARTED AND IT TOTALLY NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED.

For her birthday, Lindsday created a fabulous neon that’s perfect enough to make unicorns cry glitter tears. She also made a small batch prototype that is beyond stunning. Seriously. You wanna see? Yeah. I know y’all do.

Bitch, I’m a Unicorn!; “a neon hot pink polish with rainbow shifting iridescent glitters and black shreds. It also glows in black light!” Dude. Have you got the winter blues? This’ll cure it, trufax. It’s effin bright and magical. I had a hard times capturing the iridescent glitters, but they’re there, an oh so visible in person. It’s mostly opaque in two coats, but now that my nails are getting long again, my VNL is back with a vengance, so I needed a third. Also, because of the neon pigment, it dries semi matte, but it’s quite pretty that way. For my tactile sesnsory sanity, I topped it with Seche Vite. I love the black shreds – it’s just not something you usually see in neons.


Also, dude roommates do not appreciate when you put neon pink nail polish on their thumbnail when they’re laying on the floor not paying attention. Just throwing that out there. In case you needed to know, for science.


Classy Witch; “a black polish with gold shimmer and gold holographic glitters.” Be still, my heart! This one, even though it’s in a black base, looks like a golden olive. It. Is. F***ing. Gorgeous. It went on in two magical coats and shone like actual diamonds on my nails. I still have it on now and the holo glitters are catching the lights in the room. This one is SUPER LE as it was from a small oops batch. As I’m typing this, there’s only 9 bottles left. If you’re an olive lover like me, you’re going to want to get it. Like. Now.


Oh! And for the rest of December, Lindsay is offering free US shipping on any order with the code FREESHIP13! After December, she’ll go back to her normal shipping rates and codes – free shipping on US orders $50 and over with FREESHIP50 and then Canadian orders ship free with $100+ with code FREESHIP100.

In the event that you’re a complete goober and haven’t joined the FB group yet, you may wanna get to that! Night Owls Just Wanna Get Lacquered Up is a little group made up of some good folks. We have¬†giveaways (I may or may not be hosting one in the very near future!), discount codes, shenanigans, and glittery goodness. I quite fancy it there. I think you’ll like it, too!


So, which of the two is your favorite? And more importantly, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? GO GO GO.


Night night loves! Thanks for reading!



***The polishes in this post were sent to me in exchange for an honest review and photos, which can both be found above.***


  1. Ehmkay Nails December 14, 2016 2:50 pm  Reply

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen shredded glitter but it’s really fun in the neon birthday polish!

  2. nichole December 14, 2016 5:02 pm  Reply

    just wear socks with your flippy flops. GAWD.

  3. Tracey December 14, 2016 8:35 pm  Reply

    I love wearing flip flops and luckily have no snow. Classy Witch is amazing x

  4. Naked Without Polish December 15, 2016 5:53 am  Reply

    Holy cow both of these are so good! You’re in snow with flip flops. What kind of weirdo are you? I still love you, but you’re a weirdo. <3

  5. Courtney B December 15, 2016 4:51 pm  Reply

    That pink is so, so good. I would wear flip flops 24/7 if I didn’t think I would freeze to death.

  6. Polished Hippy December 16, 2016 11:28 pm  Reply

    Your footwear trauma photo is cracking me up!

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