On the 25th day of Holoween, spiders happened. The only spider I will ever like. I’m gonna name him Franken. I think. Kinda cute, right?


Side note: my boyfriend didn’t agree with me that the month of October is pretty much a full month of Halloween.

He’s lucky I love him.

Anywho. I did arts! I cheated and used vinyls, but I arted and didn’t cry. And that’s totally the main focus here.

Ever After Polish put out a Halloween duo at the beginning of the month and I had to snag it. I wasn’t sure that the coral was going to float my boat, but I wasn’t going to pass up on that charcoal holo. Honestly though, after putting on the coral (Pumpkin Fluff), I kinda fell in love. It’s super pretty. I’ll have a full review on the duo up in a few days. But for now. ARTY SPIDERS.

When I ordered the For The Love Of Polish Box last month, I also added on vinyls for funsies. I’ve used them twice now and I want more. I ordered some of the tweezer thingies from What’s Up Nails and they make moving them so much easier. Do like. 11/10 would recommend.


I initially tried sponging Boo! (the charcoal holo) on, but because the holo is so fine, it didn’t work the way I’d planned it. I wound up using super thin brushstrokes and layered it on top of the vinyl. They came out quite nice and I didn’t have any issues with flooding. So so so so so happy.


Ain’t Franken just the cutest thing?


All of it was topped with seche vite and I loved it so much that I kept it on for a full 24 hours. Y’all. I don’t do that often, if ever. IT’S JUST SO CUTE.

There’s just a week left till Halloween and I’m not sure I’m going to get many more themed manis in, but we’ll see. I have some more vinyls I want to try, and some zombie stuff. Though, zombies will have to wait till Mark and I are caught up on TWD. I’m terrified of using hashtags and having stuff spoiled SOOOO. We wait.

In other happy news, I got my legendary in WoW! It’s not the best one, but hey, it works! Definitely hoping it makes a difference in my DPS. Maybe. Hopefully.

Time to go play and lrn2firemage. Y’all have a good one!





This post is dark and full of spoilers. And also full of photos and gifs because I can.

So, if you haven’t seen the season finale of season 6 for Game of Thrones, turn back now. You’ve been warned.


Back in July, Literary Lacquers teamed up with the lovely Cate C., who is the green lover behind @allthegreenpolish on Instagram to create this goooorgeous green. It’s inspired by Wildfire from the books, and show, and Cersei’s revenge at the end of season 6.

Also, if you’re a fan of World of Warcraft, it’s the PERFECT color to represent felfire. I don’t have any characters with any of the fel-green, but one of my guildies, Celti, has a lock with some righteous green goodness. LOOOOK.


And there’s also this gorgeous mount that was an achievement award. I have a mighty mighty need.

Before we get into the photos, here’s the description from LL’s etsy shop for Long May She Reign:

“Screaming chartreuse jelly polish packed with gold holographic microglitter, best at three thin coats”

Does that not fit the gif and photo above perfectly? I’m amazed that it’s so damn spot on. Indies are fantastic, seriously.

My photos show the polish with two thin coats (which fully covered any VNL that may have shown!) plus top coat. It’s electrifying.

long-may-she-reign-2 long-may-she-reign-1

And my favorite thing about this polish?

It only needed one coat of top coat to level out any sort of texture the glitter may have caused!

long-may-she-reign-3 long-may-she-reign-4


I seriously love how vibrant this is, and how strong the gold is that comes through. I need a backup bottle. Or six. And also to convince the nerds to let me paint their nails with it. Yes. Good.

It’s just so glorious, that even as someone that doesn’t care for green polish (Cate, I love you don’t kill me pls <3), I’m thrilled with my purchase, and I can see myself wearing it often. NAIL ART FOR THE SEASON 7 PREMIER. YES. It’s happening.

If you wish to snag your very own bottle of Long May She Reign, you can find it here. You’re going to want it, I promise.


And now for the links!


Hokay, now back to WoW and pizza and pretending I don’t have to go back to work tomorrow. Thanks for reading!




Press samples ahead

I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaay late on posting July’s MMM. But but but we’re gonna say it’s for the sake of no spoilers. So. It works. Or some shit. Totally means this is now safe for eeeeveryone, right?

July was a hot mess. Birthday. GenCon prep. Moving prep. TOO MUCH. Things are settling. Kinda. House hunting blows. Hopefully we’ll have something before the first snowfall.

Let’s take a little trip back to Baroness X‘s July Monthly Mythical Mystery, Mermaid Silk. Demi did a fantastic job with it, truly. And the extras? OH MY YES.



Press sample ahead!

Unicorn pee is even more magical than it sounds. I would love to toss it all over everything in my house, but I’m not entirely sure my boyfriend would go for it.

MAYBE he’d be oblivious enough that he wouldn’t notice it. We may have to try it. For science.